Pallet Collection

Metro Transport is the largest collector in Sydney New South Wales. We have been collecting pallets for over 10 years. Our fleet is industry specific assisting us in picking up pallets in a timely manner. We have a unique business model that is designed specifically to the pallet industry. Metro Transport currently collect and return pallets back to our clients. Pallets are picked up, sorted, and delivered back to the owners of the pallets with the option of repairs.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option? Why throw your slightly damaged pallets when you can have them repaired for the fraction of the price of buying brand new stock? We have a repair assembly line in order to drive down costs and reduce your carbon footprint. If getting your pallets repaired is an option you were looking at, we have a group of experienced repair specialists that can help.

What are the benefits of using Metro Transport? By using us, you will be driving down costs of purchasing brand new pallets. Pallets can be a substantial cost as the price of timber has increased dramatically.  During our 10 years of collections, we have identified that pallets are thrown in the bin when sites have oddly shaped pallets that are not picked up and returned as they are not reusable. In turn all pallets are thrown out during clean ups. When engaging Metro Transport, we strive to pick up the pallets in a timely fashion to reduce theft and pallets ending up in skip bins. We are unique in the way that we structure our business to make sure that pallets are picked up and returned accordingly.

For more information please contact one of our friendly team members to discuss your options.  We are industry leaders and can help you with your pallet solution needs. Contact Us

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