Are your used pallets taking up your valuable yard space costing you money? Storing your waste is taking up room costing you roughly $100 per square metre if not more. We have a solution to your problem. Waste pallets can be expensive to dispose of when using bins. For information on how we can tailor a solution please Contact Us at Metro Transport and we are more than happy to run through a number of solutions to assist you in reducing costs and giving back the space that you need.

At Metro Transport we offer a productive and environmentally friendly waste pallet recycling system. In many cases pallets can be oddly shaped making them hard to reuse thus taking up a lot of room. We take untreated timber as well as other pallets. It is important to have a yard and work site clean and without risks. Alleviating pallets on site reduced the risk of injury and fire.

By choosing to use Metro Transport you will be using a company who tailors its service to your individual needs, driving costs down and getting back that much needed space. Pallets are recycled therefore you are choosing a carbon friendly solution.

The cost of using this solution is often much cheaper than using a skip bin. We have a fleet of flat top trucks which can fit on more pallets than a big skip or waste bin. All you need to do is contact us and we will come out to see you to discuss our services.

When you need a transport solution, we deliver the best tailored service in town. Our expert representatives are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact us to have a representative come out and see you.

We specialise in delivering a reliable and solution based service. Contact Us

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