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Looking for reliable transport services? Metro Transport provides trustworthy logistics services based on deep rooted experience and knowledge. One of our friendly team are happy to come in and see you to tailor a plan to suit your needs.

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Metro Transport is the largest collector in Sydney New South Wales. We have been collecting pallets for over 10 years. Our fleet is industry specific assisting us in picking up pallets in a timely manner. We have a unique business model that is designed specifically to the pallet industry.

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Are your used pallets taking up your valuable yard space costing you money? Storing your waste is taking up room costing you roughly $100 per square meter if not more.We have a solution to your problem.

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At Metro Transport we offer a productive and environmentally friendly waste pallet recycling system. In many cases pallets can be oddly shaped making them hard to reuse thus taking up a lot of room. We take untreated timber as well as other pallets.

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